Free TV Mount!!!

Don’t Do-it-yourself !!! Have your TV professionally mounted by us. Tucson Tech Guy is a locally owned small business specializing in home audio video installations at an affordable price. A professionally mounted TV means a safe secure mount with all wiring hidden in the wall, out of sight. Too many times we have been called out to fix bad installs, mounts pulling away from walls, fallen TV’s and exposed wiring. Get it done right, the first time and have peace of mind knowing that your TV is going to stay on the wall, and looks exactly the way you want it to.
Upfront Honest Pricing!
Up to a 40” TV Installed, concealed wiring – $149 (With Free Tilt Mount)
41” – 59” TV Installed, concealed wiring – $169 (With Free Tilt Mount)
60” – 75″ TV Installed, concealed wiring – $199 (With Free Tilt Mount)

Over 75″ call for a quote.
Concealed wiring means that the technician will add an electrical outlet behind your TV so the TV can be plugged into the wall without having a power cable hanging down. We will never run the TV Power cable inside the wall, this is a fire hazard and against code! We will also run an HDMI cable inside the wall for your output devices, your TV will be floating on the wall with no visible wires running to it.


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