Upfront Honest Pricing

The number one question for all consumers is "How much is this going to cost me?" Well, Tucson Tech Guy is proud to offer our upfront, honest pricing. We aren't ashamed to put our prices online, so you can rest assured that you know what you'll be paying. While we are confident with our pricing, some installs may be more difficult or require more creative solutions, so in a rare circumstances prices may vary.


Surround Sound

120.00      5.1 Channel System Hookup Only

240.00      5.1 Channel Install w/rear speaker wiring/mounting

325.00      5.1 Channel Install pre-wired and mounting all spkrs

410.00      5.1 Channel Install w/wiring and mounting all spkrs

155.00      6/7.1 Channel System Hookup Only

410.00      6/7.1 Channel Install (pre-wired) and mounting all spkrs

495.00      6/7.1 Channel Install w/wiring and mounting all spkrs


2 Channel Audio

 45.00      Volume Control/Keypad Install (pre-wired)

 85.00      Install 1 pair spkrs (pre-wired)

130.00      Install 1 pair spkrs and volume control (pre-wired)

200.00      Install 1 pair spkrs (w/wiring)

255.00      Install 1 pair spkrs and volume control (w/wiring)

215.00      Install 1st Pair Multi-Zone spkrs (w/wiring and sourcing)

 85.00      Additional Multi-Zone Hookup (for 2-6 pr. Multi-Zone systems)


Flat Panel TV Installation

149.00      Install Flat Panel (up to 40") w/concealed cabling

169.00      Install Flat Panel (41"-59") w/concealed cabling

199.00      Install Flat Panel (60" - 75") w/concealed cabling

 45.00      Install On-Wall Component Shelf



170.00      Assemble and Install Fixed Projection Screen

255.00      Assemble/Install/Program Motorized Projection Screen

130.00      Assemble and Install Projector (pre-wired)

215.00      Assemble and Install Projector (w/cabling)


Other Services

 105.00      Coax or Data Jack Line Drop (w/wiring and plate)

100.00      Programming/Customer Training Harmony IR Remote

100.00      Install and setup IR Repeater system

125.00      Programming/Setup/Customer Training Harmony RF Remote Sys.

  65.00      Hourly: i.e.=Trenchwork for Outdoor Installations



All installs subject to 10% supplies charge when applicable for basic wiring, connectors, basic wallplates, etc. Any supplies needed above and beyond this will try to be quoted prior to the install.